ACONE Series Gas Water Heater

The 13-liter gas water heater is equipped with a strong exhaust blowing-type water heater, a positive pressure combustion system, which is with high efficiency, thermal convection, strong wind resistance and long service life. It has double temperature sensors, CPU intelligent control and micro-flame segmented combustion technology. In summer, the inlet water temperature is high. After the control system detects the inlet water temperature and water flow, according to user needs, it automatically adjusts the gas proportional valve and closes some of the gas to burn in a half-open state.

Product Details

 Micro-flame segmented combustion technology solves the problem of too hot water in summer.

 The load changes in real time while the efficiency is constant.

 The memory alloy device automatically adjusts the water flow according to the ambient temperature.

 Use bypass warm water technology. The temperature change is small when there is no water coming in.

 The machine operates from 0.01MPa, a low water pressure ——residents living in low water pressure residential areas can also enjoy it at ease.

 Active protection solves the problem of CO (carbon monoxide) exceeding the standard from the source.

 Proactive power-on self-check eliminates safety concerns and improve water quality.

 With CPU smart core, stable temperature,it could sustain ±1℃ non-inductive constant temperature.

 Phosphorus deoxygenated copper water tank-effectively inhibit Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus.

Technical Parameter
Product Name
Product Model
Rated Heat Load
Rated Minimum Heat Load
Rated Hot Water Production Capacity△t=25k
Gas Type
Rated Gas Pressure
Exhaust Mode
Ignition Mode
Applicable Water Pressure
Specification of Gas Inlet Connector
Specification of Cold Water Inlet Connector
Specification of Hot Water Outlet Connector
Rated Voltage
Rated Power
Exhaust Pipe Specification
Water Temperature Regulation Range
Antifreeze Power(Optional)
Dimensions(Height × Width × Depth)
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